The Scaffidi Foundation was established in 2003 in honour of two remarkable women. Norina and Cathy Scaffidi, mother and daughter, lost their battles with breast cancer in 1998 and 2002. The two women shared an amazing gift – the ability to touch people’s hearts. Both women inspired other cancer sufferers with their selflessness, determination and dedication to helping people battling illness, particularly Cathy through her work as a naturopath and Norina in her special role as everyone’s favourite ‘second mum’.

Norina and Cathy received remarkable love and support during their fight with cancer. Members of their immediate and extended family provided much needed ‘hands-on’ support, from cooking meals to helping pay their bills. Many families don’t have this kind of support.  While caring for a child with cancer, parents must often continue to work, care for other family members and maintain their homes – all while dealing with their own fears and emotions about an ill child. In recognition of this and to ensure that Norina and Cathy were never forgotten, a small group of friends and relatives gathered together with the common idea of helping other families in the same way that their family had been supported. Every family deserves the love and support that Norina and Cathy gave and received.

In 2011, the Scaffidi Foundation decided to continue our work by officially joining forces with Challenge. Although we are no longer be a separate legal body, we continue, through Challenge to support the Scaffidi Foundation Parent Lounge and to award the Scaffidi Foundation Scholarship each year to a child living with cancer or his/her sibling.

In the nine years of the Scaffidi Foundation, we have always worked closely with Challenge to support children and families living with cancer. We have awarded scholarships to Challenge members, sent their families to Queensland for holidays and provided financial support to Challenge families.

Challenge is Victoria’s longest running children’s cancer charity. David Rogers and his team provide a broad range of much-needed services, including in-hospital support, camps, parent programs and support for bereaved families. In late 2011, the Scaffidi Foundation Parent Lounge officially opened at Challenge House in West Melbourne. I am very honoured to be a member of the Challenge Board and to see their great work first-hand.

We urge you to continue supporting our work with families by donating your time and funds to Challenge. If you would like any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Thank you for support over the past decade. The Foundation has the most extraordinary supporter base. Thank you to the amazing people who have attended our many fundraisers, organised fundraisers on our behalf, walked to Canberra for us, donated funds each and every year, and sent us messages of support. An especially big thank you to all of our committee members and staff.

My dearest mother and sister would be so proud of what we’ve achieved and how we’ve made a difference to families.

Warm regards
Angela Scaffidi


Foundation Profile: Jess

JessJess, age 9, was first diagnosed with cancer when she was 3.5 years old. She has had a kidney tumour, four brain tumours and has undergone regular radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Shortly after meeting Jess, Angela from the Scaffidi Foundation made a deal with her; if she was brave enough to go through with her treatment, Angela would dye her hair hot pink, Jess’ favourite colour. Read more ...